Bonanni Realtors is proud to be your exclusive source for Restaurants for Sale in NJ. In addition to providing the best service for our New Jersey Commercial Real Estate clients, we also help businesses like restaurants find the right buyers and get the property sold. 

With service areas ranging all across central and southern New Jersey, Bonanni Realtors extensive network can help you find the right buyer or property alike!

Looking to buy a restaurant in New Jersey?

Feel free to review our available listings by clicking here. We update our listings weekly, so what you see there should be the most up to date. Alternatively, you could speak with your Restaurant Specialist by contacting us and reviewing the most up to date options.

Want to Sell a Restaurant in New Jersey?

Bonanni Realtors has helped dozens of businesses find the right buyer for their situation. Every situation is different, but it always begins with a simple conversation. We’d love to get to know more about your business and what your goals are with selling the business.

You can begin this process by contacting us and speaking with our resident restaurant specialist.