12/8/2020 How is the commercial real estate market?! The market is still hot! I just spoke to someone over in Bucks County and the industrial market vacancy rate is less than 3% for all of Bucks County! It’s almost impossible to find a building for sale over there!

12/8/2020 How does one calculate square footage prices?! This seems like a daunting task but let me teach you!! Say you are interested in 1,500 square feet of space and the asking rent is $15/SF. To calculate the rent you would multiply 1,500 x $15 = $22,500 and then divide that number by 12 (12 months) = $1,875/month!

12/8/2020 Then you have CAMS! Or NNN Expenses….They often include taxes, insurance, dumpsters, snow removal, etc..They could be @ $5/SF which would be an additional $7,500/12 = $625/month. These CAMS often show up in shopping centers where all of the tenants pay a proportionate share of the expenses for the shopping center!

12/8/2020 Why should you have a real estate agent on the buying side or when you are looking to lease a property? Sellers and landlords pay real estate professionals. Not people looking for real estate. If you are looking for a property, it pays to have someone represent you. You don’t have to pay the real estate professional. They collect their commission from the seller or landlord! Always work with a realtor! They will represent your interest!